Monday, January 21, 2013

Terrific Twos! Happy Birthday, John Ellis!

We celebrated John Ellis and the 2 years of life that God has given him.  We are thankful to have him as part of our family.  What a blessing!  His strong personality brings us both joy and many opportunities for personal growth.  As the youngest brother, he doesn’t let the big boys push him around!  He can stand his ground and has a resilient  spirit that we are believing God will use to bring His Kingdom in even greater measure to this earth! 

We have been on a Haiti Transformed team retreat so we didn’t celebrate too much as we were travelling home all day on his birthday and didn’t get home until late afternoon.  He is the birthday boy with his breakfast at the retreat.  I did  a bit of handy work on his pancakes!


Last night (Jan 20th, his actual birthday) we looked back with our family at pictures of the night of his birth and told the boys the story of John Ellis’ birth.  John Ellis wasn’t feeling well this past weekend, we had been travelling all day and he was exceptionally tired last night so we called an early night and planned to celebrate tonight instead.

Jody picked up pizza from the lone pizza place in Leogane, Haiti (at least that we know about!).  It is fairly new and fairly decent…I wouldn’t pick it as a place to get pizza in the States, but it is pretty good by our standards in Haiti! =)


The boys trying to teach John Ellis to hold up 2 fingers.


After dinner, we invited our neighbors and team leaders over for cake.  It was our first birthday in Haiti and I was glad to have friends to celebrate with us the sweetness of John Ellis.



Opening his gift and celebrating with our team leaders and their kiddos.


Enjoying some cake!  Such a big boy!  And soon to be a big brother any day!


We love you John Ellis!

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