Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Orevwa, Amanda!

Tonight we said, “Goodbye” to our team mate Amanda.  She will be flying out tomorrow to transition back to life in the States.  She has been a key player in keeping things on track for our Haiti Transformed team and has laid down her life in many ways here in Haiti.  I first met Amanda on a relief trip to Haiti shortly after the earthquake in 2010.   Who knew that we would both eventually move here to continue loving these people and serving this nation.  I am thankful beyond words for the ways that Amanda has loved our family as we prepared to move here and since we have been on the ground.  Our boys LOVE her and she has brought joy to us over and over again.  Thank you, Jesus, for allowing our paths to cross and for the past 6 months that we have been blessed to be on a team with Amanda.  Praying for an awesome break and transition to a new team!


Team dinner at Belle Negresse (one of the few restaurants in Leogane)



Classic Haitian meal.


Getting their Grub on.


This is added because she is cute.  Pre-dinner pic.


Jody will be taking over some of Amanda’s responsibilities in addition to coordinating the Economic Development initiative.   This is them in the Haiti Transformed office.

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  1. Love reading this and seeing all the photos! But it is such a reminder of how quickly Emma Jo is changing! Love ya! Mom:)