Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Update: John Ellis

John Ellis, our youngest, seems to be having the most difficulty in the transition to Haitian life.  I am not entirely sure if it is the changes or just his life stage (quickly approaching 2 in January).  I am pretty sure that it is a combination of the two.  He has been irritable and is super tired but then doesn’t want to stay in bed at naps or at night.  I have been spending lots of time on training with him. 

He is super desired among all the orphan girls.  I don’t know how to explain to him that his “playing hard to get” only makes him more desirable to them.  They love to tease and pick and they think it is SOO funny when they pick him up and he starts yelling, “top it! top it!” or “no, no, no!” 

Here is “cooks it” and was okay with one of the girls cooking with him.  I know that someday he will see this place as completely normal and soon the girls will lose their interest in him as he becomes a normal part of the scenery here at the orphanage.


The one girl at the orphanage that he is okay with touching him is Sephora (below).  She recently turned 2 (a tiny little thing!) and they will hold hands and stare at each other.  I guess she seems less intimidating to him since she is right on his level.  The only problems between them is when she wants to be held and love all over HIS momma.  I’ve caught him telling her, “mine!” while pointing at me.  =)  Yesterday she alternated between wanting to style my hair and then wanting to style his hair!  She is very tactile and seems to love the texture of our hair.


John Ellis is also seeming to be having the most trouble adjusting in the bowel department, too!  TMI, I know but I want you to

Please pray that he would adjust and have a normal digestive system again!  I have changed 6 dirty cloth diapers today and did the same amount yesterday (this is partly a selfish prayer request) but tonight he started getting a nasty rash from all the poo.  Pray for quick healing and regulation of his intestines!  Pray also for him to learn to love the Haitian girls at the orphanage.



  1. Oh friend, yes we will pray for you guys and especially your little man. Transition is difficult enough without the bowel issues!

  2. it's so neat to read your updates, though i'm sorry that john ellis is having a hard time transitioning. sat on the porch this morning with lucy and prayed for all of you. love you guys.

  3. I was dying laughing at your "playing hard to get" description! You are too funny Jess ;)